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How Envision It Experience Started

Envision It is an event designing and planning company based in Orlando, Florida. We offer lavish curated, elegant and highly personalized luxury set ups for events and celebrations. At Envision It, we believe that every occasion whether big or small, will be treated special. Creating events became natural from decorating family and friends celebrations for years. There is passion and purpose in making beautiful memories for everyone to enjoy. This is why we are here to make your visions come true by helping you plan and execute events and celebrations that will create memories to last you a lifetime. 


Looking forward to building your vision with Envision It! 

Fancy Table Arrangement
Flower Arrangements

Meet the Lead Designer at Envision It Experience

Untitled design (2).jpg
Untitled design (2).jpg

As the creative mind behind the magic, I, Nelle, take immense pride in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. With a passion for design and an eye for detail, I specialize in curating events that leave a lasting impression.
My journey in event design began throughout years planning family and friends wedding and celebrations. Later, I pursue my degree in Human Resources and Business Management. After pursuing my calling, I wanted to gain my knowledge and skills with local event designers and celebrity event planner to grow my expertise.

Since then, I've had the privilege of turning visions into reality for a diverse range of clients. From intimate celebrations to grand corporate affairs, each project is approached with a commitment to elegance, innovation, and personalized flair.
What sets my approach apart is a dedication to understanding the unique essence of every event. By seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality, I aim to create atmospheres that not only meet but exceed expectations. Collaborating closely with clients, I ensure that every detail aligns with their vision, resulting in events that are not just well-executed but truly reflective of their style and personality.
Beyond the aesthetics, my commitment extends to an stress-free experience for clients. I thrive on the challenges of event coordination, managing logistics with precision to allow clients to focus on enjoying their special moments.
From conceptualization to execution, each project tells a unique story of creativity and meticulous planning.
I am excited about the possibility of bringing your dream event to life. Let's collaborate to turn your vision into a breathtaking reality.
Welcome to a world where every event is a masterpiece in the making.

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